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Add SkinLabo Men's hair men White ES3UCtYV

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Description du produit

Men STRENGTHENING ANTI-HAIR LOSS* LOTION counteracts the loss of fragile and thinned out hair revitalizes strengthens hydrate It is an ideal anti-hair loss* strengthening treatment, taking advantage of valuable new generation biomimetic peptides, which act against loss and progressive hair thinning, caused by stress, environmental factors, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances and seasonal changes, which can alter the physiological life cycle of the hair. INGREDIENTS:• Prohairin Beta-4 is an anti-hair loss* biomimetic peptide that strengthens the hair shaft, revitalizes follicles, boosts cell proliferation and prevents hair loss • Rejuline is an anti-hair loss* biomimetic peptide that stimulates angiogenesis (i.e. the development of new blood vessels from those already existing), which is important in many physiological processes. It also boosts cell proliferation • Panthenol has nourishing, soothing and emollient properties. It moisturizes, prevents dryness and brittleness. It’s effective on damaged and dry hair. Thanks to his long-lasting hydration, it increases the resistance of the hair, reducing the damage caused by atmospheric agents or the use of the hair-dryer. It doesn’t irritate your skin • Taurine carries out an energizing and fortifying action since, by gathering in the bulb, where the hair is formed, protects the root and its functionality, thus contributing to its nourishment • Allantoin has smoothing, softening and soothing properties • Menthol is refreshing and stimulating • Aquaxyl is moisturizing, restructuring and protecting active ingredient of plant origin, able to level out the horny layer, making the skin more hydrated and resistant to external aggressions, since it optimizes skin’s water reserves, thus slowing the desquamation process caused by dryness or by the use of aggressive detergents. It makes your skin visibly soft and smooth. • Vitamin PP is protective and venotonic *coadjuvant treatment for the prevention of hair loss Spray bottle. 100 ml.